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I’m sure that most of you who have school-aged children have heard a thing or two about the Summertime Slump, which is when kids forget some of what they learned during the school year, and may have a resulting backslide in academic skills. There are many approaches to help prevent the slump, and obviously, we want to do whatever we can to keep our kids on track and learning.

Up until now, you may not have thought about how your kid’s diet may also suffer during the summer. Inconsistent sleep and wake times, lack of a daily routine, and a plethora of snack foods can result in a limited and nutritionally-lacking diet. Since we all want to keep things easy during...



I thought it might be nice to share something that I have found to be really helpful while working with my 16-month-old daughter, Remy, at home (yeah, a feeding therapist’s job is never done, haha!) She has been teething pretty much constantly over the last month, and it has led to some pretty crummy mealtimes. Refusal to eat anything other than soft food, briefly chewing firmer food and then spitting it out, letting food/drinks/saliva dribble out of her mouth...let’s just say that it’s been messy around here!  


Remy has generally been a really great eater since we started solids--she has a great appetite, and appears to like a wide variety of flavors and te...

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February 19, 2019

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June 29, 2016

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