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Your child can grow a love of eating!



An evaluation is conducted prior to starting the feeding therapy program. During the evaluation, we will discuss your child’s feeding history and applicable medical status to help me to get a well-rounded picture of your child’s feeding issues.  It will be important for me to observe a typical meal, and I may request that you present novel item(s) as well. This will help me to assess his or her feeding skills and typical problem behaviors. With parental input, I will develop some basic feeding recommendations to create a foundation on which feeding therapy can build upon. The evaluation is a critical component of feeding therapy as it allows me to become acquainted with your child and family, observe the feeding environment, and start developing an idea of what feeding therapy will entail for your child’s unique situation.


Intensive Feeding Therapy

With intensive in-home services, full day or half day therapy visits are conducted for 2-3 consecutive days each month, depending on your child's needs and what works best for your family.  During my time with your family, I will conduct multiple feeding sessions with your child, develop a cohesive feeding plan and schedule, create all necessary food lists and menus, and train you to successfully conduct feedings everyday. My mission is to ensure that you are fully prepared to help your child meet his or her feeding goals!


Intensive feeding therapy may be the best fit for children who:

  • -are new to feeding therapy

  • -are exhibiting severely limited/no intake of solids and/or liquids

  • -are eating a very limited variety of foods

  • -are exhibiting high levels of negative mealtime behaviors


“Less Intensive” Feeding Therapy

With less intensive feeding therapy, a one-day, 2-4 hour visit is conducted on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. These therapy sessions can take place at home, school, or any other location in which your child regularly eats. During a less intensive visit, a specific goal will be targeted to help progress your child’s skills or acceptance in that aspect of his or her feeding. As with intensive feeding therapy, an easy to follow feeding plan will be provided, and adequate time will be allotted to train caregivers to conduct feedings successfully.


Less intensive feeding therapy may be the best fit for children who:

  • -are established in the feeding therapy program

  • -are working on only a couple of specific feeding goals

  • -need help generalizing successful meals to other environments or caregivers

  • -are exhibiting minimal negative mealtime behaviors


Picky Eater Bootcamp

A unique option for families struggling with a picky eater! In this parent-training focused package, I conduct a brief evaluation, home training session, and follow-up troubleshooting session. After completing an online feeding survey about your child’s feeding history, I will determine if the Picky Eater Bootcamp seems like a good option for your child and your family. With your input, I will establish a feeding plan focused on the introduction of new foods. Once you are trained on the new routine, you will be in charge of implementing it on a consistent basis. The troubleshooting session allows me to provide support to address challenges that arise (if any) following the training session. I can give you the tools to help your child develop positive experiences with new foods!



I offer phone consultation services to parents seeking support to increase their child’s feeding success. These services are best for parents who are reaching the end of feeding therapy or otherwise have experience with implementing behaviorally-based feeding plans, or for families who may geographically have trouble finding a local therapist. Because I do not provide direct interaction with the child, it is imperative that parents seeking recommendations in this manner be confident in conducting feeding sessions independently.


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